What Causes Shoulder Pain When Running?

What Causes Shoulder Pain When Running

Shoulder pain while running can have many causes, the most common being running in the wrong position. Incorrect running position increases the tension of your back and shoulder muscles, causing back or shoulder pain.

How Do I Correct My Running Position?

  1. Lean forward

This is the easiest way to correct your position and make sure you’re in the optimal running position. Lean forward into the floor when running.

  1. Keep your core tight

As well as your body straightening in the air, keep your abs tight as well as your core muscles tight.

  1. Do the “dip”

This is where you push your stomach down with the heels first, making sure the heels point straight up. In other words, bring the heels down until your heels are facing straight up. This allows your knees to stay straight and your hips to remain flat when you’re running.

  1. Bring your front leg down first

This is another step where your front leg will take the first step forward.

  1. Keep your upper body tight

By keeping your arms up, you also keep your shoulders relaxed throughout your running motion. Remember, this is a tight body and a tense mind.

  1. Move forward to the next step

While you should keep your body tight, not only does this help your muscles stay in position, it will also allow you to move forward.

  1. Bring the back leg down first

By bringing the back leg down as soon as you step forward, it will allow the hamstrings to extend from the hamstrings. This, in turn, will allow your lower back and shoulders to remain tight.

  1. Pull your knee away from the toes

Keeping your leg straight, your knee is pulled away from the toes. This makes it easier for your lower back and shoulder muscles to stretch.

  1. Turn your toes in

As well as keeping your knees straight, turn your toes forward. This will make it easier for your back muscles to move freely, particularly in the front half of the body.

  1. Keep your elbows bent

This will keep your body aligned and helps improve hip flexibility.

  1. Bring your chest up

This will help create a stable spine and keep your spine aligned.

  1. Lower your heels

This will help with arching your back.

  1. Keep your front foot forward

While the opposite is true for your back foot, keeping the front foot forward will allow your spine to remain straight during running.

  1. Keep your butt back

The best way to keep your butt back is by leaning forward in this position. Doing so will keep your butt from arching too much as you run.

  1. Keep your shoulders down

This keeps your head down in the running position, and it makes it easier for your shoulders to stay tight throughout your running motion.

  1. Place your hands on your hip bones

This makes it easier to bend your knees and keep the back from arching.

  1. Keep your legs straight

If your legs are swinging or making any movements in front of you, these are all signs that you’re not in the proper running position.