Heel Pain After Running

Heel Pain After Running

Heel pain after running; There can be many simple reasons such as jogging without warming up after a long break, jogging with hard-heeled shoes, jogging on hard ground, limitation of movement in your ankle.

These are not the reasons for this injury. If you want to see it, the ankle is much less sensitive, your foot isn’t as flexible or strong as the ankle, there is more cushioning between your heel and the ground, so there is less force on your leg and ankle.

But if you have high heel pain, there is not much you can do except just keep it under control and stop running. The pain from this injury is generally more manageable and is not as serious in comparison to runners with high ankle ligament injuries.

Running with a heel problem on top of low ankle issues or a combination of ankle and heel problems is usually the cause of high back pain. Your back pain will feel like a lot of pressure on the back of your legs.

There are a few things you can do to ease the pain of this muscle/tendon injury

  • Rest the leg
  • Rest the foot
  • Rest the ankle
  • Rest the calf muscles

Keep walking slowly and try not to get into a slump when you rest. You should not get too tired if you do this.

You might feel a little better after resting and running, as long as the pain in the ankle lasts for at least a week after you stop. It could take as long as 5 weeks.

When you don’t have a long-lasting low ankle condition, that is not always a problem.

You may try different methods in case you have a pain in your calf muscles and you cannot get in a slump after rest. Just like in the previous example, you may not be able to rest for long, but the pain may be gone.

Most doctors/surgeons have not developed this treatment and it is not a priority. They don’t have a lot of expertise in this area so that is why we don’t have the chance to cure this condition. There are a lot of things we can do, and just like the previous two examples, your doctor may not give you an option for it.

If you can’t rest

If you can’t rest or you have a serious problem with the calf muscles or you have high ankle ligament injuries or your ankle hurts only when running, then this would probably be very important for you. You might feel better after rest than after running, but if you don’t, this is just too important to take it easy. You might also get some pain in the calf muscles in the same time.

As soon as you start running again, you should be careful and not get into a slump and get some pain. Do not run harder than you can do; you should not be walking a lot. Running is better if you slow down after you stop.

There are other problems with high heel pain and when you rest for a while, the problems usually go away, especially if you do not do anything else. In fact, some people say that when you rest, it relieves the pain a lot. So do not worry about it, just enjoy the run.

Summary: Running is probably the most important activity you do for your body. If you have a high heel problem, then you could try a number of things to ease the pain and reduce your chance of injury. Don’t let the pain of a high heel problem stop you from running! Remember that if you have low ankle injuries, then your chances for serious running problems may be much higher.

How to prevent an ankle injury?

If you have a high heel problem, you might not even want to try to prevent this problem. Why? Because most of the time it is not a problem, especially if you follow the following suggestions.

  • Don’t run fast
  • Never running faster than the walking pace
  • Try to walk at a pace that gives the best protection
  • Make sure you have a good ankle guard or foot guard before you go out
  • Start walking slowly and slowly increase the pace
  • If your running shoes are not comfortable, try to find one with a good low heel cushion

Make sure that when you go out, you have a good support. There are different things you can do that will help you reduce the possibility of an injury.