Causes of Morning Ankle Pain

Causes of Morning Ankle Pain

The complaint of ankle pain upon waking up in the morning is usually a temporary condition. It may develop due to reasons such as intense physical activity in the previous day, taking more protein than the body needs, or not positioning the wrists correctly while sleeping.

Ankle pain in the morning goes away on its own after a while. The person may experience discomfort or aching in the muscles throughout the morning. The reason for the pain is usually related to the nerve and muscle in the ankle. If the cause is severe enough the person may experience more pain and discomfort in the ankle and may also experience aching.

When people with ankle pain in the morning complain of pain or discomfort in the ankle muscle, then there must be specific reasons for the pain. There is some information available on the internet regarding the reasons for pain in the morning. In addition, some people experience the pain more in the morning.

If the pain is severe the person should see a doctor

People with ankle pain in the morning should seek medical advice if they feel weak or uncomfortable. When this situation occurs the person should seek out a professional who can provide accurate medical advice.

Another explanation for the pain in the morning is the overuse of the ankle for prolonged periods. There is a tendency for the nerves in the ankle to become inflamed. This may also be caused by tightness in the ligaments around the ankle or around the ankles which is known as ankle dorsiflexion syndrome. In addition the person can also develop pain or achy muscles when the ankles are held close together in a pair of shoes.

Poor posture and wrong sleeping position can cause

Other reasons for pain in the morning are poor posture and improper sleeping position.

People with ankle pain in the morning often suffer from other problems such as rheumatic diseases, joint pain, fibromyalgia and diabetes.

The person with ankle pain in the morning should consult with their doctor.

If people with ankle pain in the morning have a strong tendency to develop ankle swelling or aching, then the doctor should check if this tendency is due to the presence of certain medications. If the person has the habit of taking more protein and is sleeping for extended periods, then there is a possibility for the ankle to be inflamed. To make sure if ankle swelling or aching is the cause, the doctor should try some medications to see if this causes the swelling or aching.

A doctor should be consulted if the ankle pain in the morning is aggravated by cold or other treatments. It may be a good idea to see a doctor if the ankle pain in the morning is severe or prolonged, if the person is suffering from joint pain or fibromyalgia, or if the ankle pain in the morning is caused by a medical condition.