Wrist Pain From Holding Baby

Wrist Pain From Holding Baby

Wrist pain from holding baby. Inverted hand position while holding the baby can cause first dorsal compartment tendinitis. This disease is a condition that develops due to the strain and inflammation of the wrist tendons (beams) of the thumb. Therefore, you may be experiencing wrist pain while holding the baby. This is an important piece of information to consider.

Your doctor might suggest the following interventions to treat wrist pain from holding the baby:

If you feel that you are experiencing first dorsal compartment tendinitis, you may try the following:

To try to relieve this pain, follow these instructions:

Drink plenty of water. Take one or two steps to the left (your left hand) and slowly step backwards. Try not to let go of the baby as you step forward.

Repeat the same procedure as many times as you need to. Rest on the table or chair, or lie down on your back and hold the baby. You can try to hold the baby for up to five minutes.

You may notice that your shoulder is more sore after each session.

What happens if you have a recurrence?

If the first dorsal compartment tendinitis recurs or the condition becomes severe, your doctor might prescribe medication to control the pain. This medication should be given through a nasogastric tube. Your doctor might also recommend the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help reduce symptoms.

How long does the pain last?

During early diagnosis of first dorsal compartment tendinitis, your doctor will try to determine the length of the pain. A period of up to three weeks may be a reasonable length to be kept the same.

Does the condition have symptoms?

The symptoms of first dorsal compartment tendinitis are typical of tendinosis, but different from tendinitis due to a dislocated wrist. This means that your doctor would look for other causes of the tendinosis. For instance, if there are previous fractures or lacerations of the tendons, your doctor might recommend additional treatments for this condition.

What happens after a recurrence of first dorsal compartment tendinitis?

After a recurrence of first dorsal compartment tendinitis, the disease can be a more severe than it was during the initial treatment period. Although symptoms can be milder, your doctor should have you participate in an exercise program to decrease the amount of strain on the wrist tendons. Also, avoid being in too much stress on the tendons in your wrist or wrist joint. In this way, the pain will decrease, but you may not feel any difference.

Your doctor might suggest taking the following medications to treat these symptoms:

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These drugs may also be prescribed in the form of injections.

Medication to decrease tension on the tendons in your wrist. This medication should be taken as directed and will make them feel easier to use.

An anti-inflammatory medication. The medication should be taken once or twice a day.

What do I do if I’m having first dorsal compartment tendinitis for the first time?

If you feel that you may have first dorsal compartment tendinitis once, then you shouldn’t attempt the same procedure again. This is because a recurrence can occur, or the condition becomes worse, during the treatment for first dorsal compartment tendinitis. It is much better to start off with a shorter treatment period to minimize the chances of another recurrence.

What should I do if I have pain with my wrist in the right side?

It may seem like pain will happen only to your right side, but if you are experiencing pain with your wrist in the right side, then you should be checked with your doctor.

What should I do if my left wrist pain from holding the baby is so bad?

It is not uncommon for left wrist pain to be so bad that you have to place the baby to your left side (you may have to push on the baby’s face). Therefore, it is more important for your doctor to look at your wrist after placing the baby on your left side, and look for any other signs of pain.

What do I do if I have pain and swelling with my wrist in the right side?

This condition is usually not seen with right wrist pain. However, you should be checked with your doctor if you have right wrist pain in the right side. If it is present, it is often more common to have left wrist pain.

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Do you have other options for pain relief?

If you do not have the benefits of prescribed medication, it is a good idea to try other treatments that will get rid of some of the pain.

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