Painful Bump on Roof of Mouth

Painful Bump on Roof of Mouth

Painful bump on roof of mouth. Oral mucoceles are mucous cysts that can form on the roof of your mouth. Mucoceles cause mucus accumulation by irritating the salivary gland in a minor injury, which causes the formation of mucoceles.

The most common signs of a mucocele include round, dome-shaped, fluid-filled bumps. These may not cause any pain, but they could make it hard to breathe.

Mucoceles can be seen on the lips and the tongue. Mucoceles may also form on a finger. If mucoceles are on your teeth, it can cause serious gum disease.

Symptoms of a mucocele include

A bump on your tongue, lip, or cheek

Swelling of the front or back of your mouth

Swelling or lump on the roof of your mouth or gum (this can be a sign of a deeper mucocele)

A thickened mouth feel

It’s important to see your dentist, dentist’s assistant, or a doctor as soon as possible. Mucoceles can occur at any age, and there’s no cure, but medical treatment may be recommended. If your teeth don’t heal as well or your symptoms don’t get better with medical treatment, you may need to have your mucoceles removed.

If you feel pain when you have a mucocele

The most common place to see a mucocele is on the lip. The bump on the lip often doesn’t lead to any pain, but it should be evaluated by your doctor for signs of a mucocele.

If you experience pain when you have a mucocele, the most common symptom is swollen lips. If you’re experiencing swelling, your dentist or oral hygienist can examine your lips for signs of plaque build-up. Sometimes plaque build-up is so extensive that it causes a lip ulcer.

To check if plaque build-up can be seen with a cotton swab, put it against the affected area and take a swab off, if there is enough skin to pull off. If the swab isn’t able to come off and has left a layer of material, call your dentist right away. If you notice the swollen lip is a deep, thin, and painful spot on the side, your dentist can refer you to a medical specialist.