Eye Pain When Blinking – Causes

eye pain when blinking

Eye pain when blinking. Common causes of eye pain when you blink include dry eyes, pink eye, or a sty. More serious problems that can cause your eye to hurt when you blink include optic neuritis or glaucoma.

Causes of pain when blinking

These conditions weaken the eye’s natural protective layer (sclera) to the extent that it becomes less able to filter out harmful light.

If you have glaucoma or other eye problems that have become aggravated by eye strain, call your optometrist.

Cigarette smoking

Smoking decreases the concentration of oxygen in your eyes and causes blurry vision (hyperopia) and blurred vision caused by the loss of blood vessels in your eye (ischemia).

Excessive daytime sun exposure.

You need to keep eye-care products and medication out of the reach of children. In fact, if your child smokes, you need to talk to your child’s school or health-care provider.

Sleeping conditions such as jet lag, sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing, sleepiness, or excessive daytime sleepiness.

Other health problems that affect the retina (the lens), including:

  • Diabetes.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Exposure to excessive ultraviolet light (UV).
  • Loss of vision from retinal detachment or damage.
  • Swelling of the eye due to aging, especially in the lids and inner corners of your eyes (cataracts).

Eye Disorders

People with certain eye problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and excessive daytime sleepiness, can make their vision appear blurry or distorted, especially in the lids and inner corners of your eyes (cataracts). These eye conditions should be discussed with your eye care professional so that you can avoid using eye drops or glasses for your vision.

Eye infections and irritation

Eye infections and irritation are more common in people who smoke, so talk to your eye care professional about keeping products and medication out of reach of children. As with any infection, you’ll want to keep eye drops or glasses in your sight or your child will probably need to take antibiotics to reduce the likelihood of infection.